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Healthworks Healing Arts Institute of Las Vegas

is a holistic health center specializing in colon

cleansing and related wellness services.

Healthworks has helped its diverse clientele

achieve radiant, glowing, ecstatic health by

providing the tools they need to maintain a

cleaner lifestyle.

We believe a clean colon is the foundation for

long-term wellness. The digestive process ends

in the colon, also known as the large intestine.

If we allow waste to build up, it seeps out of

the semi-permeable walls of the colon leading

to a host of familiar symptoms of toxic overload

including headaches, insomnia, depression,

fatigue, cramping, brain fog, etc.


Cleansing the colon is just the beginning. It is

essential to know what to eat and drink and to

take actionable steps to maintain a personal

environment free of stress. Healthworks is here

to guide you on your journey to leading a

healthy, balanced life. Our expert practitioners

can provide you with a framework to follow

so you can get cleaned out, toss out some

bad habits and embellish some good ones.

Chris Marquez

Chris Marquez began his health career in 1997 as a licensed Massage Therapist and certified personal trainer & nutrition & detox consultant. To further his knowledge of health and wellness he became a National Board Certified Colon Therapist as well as a Certified Instructor for the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy.  Following his dream he opened The Healthworks Healing Arts Institute and Wellness Center in 2000 . In 2005, Chris Earned is Reiki Master Teacher certification. In 2007, Chris started educating himself with a healing modality called Theta Healing. He became a certified Theta Healing Practicioner. Taking Theta Healing a step further in February of 2010 he began studing for his Theta Instructors Training and then spent the summer of 2010 in Idaho Falls earning his certificate of Science and Masters in Theta Healing. His clinic offers many services & classes to help many clients with emotional or physical issues achieve true health and happines

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