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Like our approach to health, our pricing menu is simple. We are passionate about transforming peoples health and lives, not about selling you on fancy gadgets and wellness services that do not have a real significant impact on your complete overall health transformation. We believe that by simply getting the right nutrients into your system and cleaning out the shit (fecal matter) out of your colon and all the toxic junk and negative emotions out of all the organ systems of your body, you can have so much energy, vitality and joy in your life. Get cleaned out and feel amazing!


Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics)

A New You Colonics Special -  $49

Packages are also available

30 day herbal multi-organ detox - $39

Parasite Cleanse - $39

Candida Cleanse - $39

Heavy Metal Detox - $39

Theta Healing (emotional detox)

$70 per hour 

$39 per 1/2 hour

Blending and juicing protocol

Free to our HealthWorks clients. We show you how cheap and easy you can pack nutrients into your system.

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