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HealthWorks Healing Arts Institute welcomes you to our center where we offer you true healing and transformation.  We are here to assist you with all your health and wellness needs.

Meet The Manager

I am Leslie Truxal and I am thrilled to welcome you to HealthWorks Healing Arts Institute.  

Our Institute has over 17 years of experience and features the most state-of-the art  colonic machines. So gentle and so effective on getting you cleaned out .....and feeling amazing!

Please call for an appointment.  We would love your business!

Calm & Peaceful Rooms

The most Advanced State of the Art

FDA Registered Colonic Machines

Peaceful, Calming and Private rooms. Professional service.

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Our amazing a new you

  $49 Colonic Special

Packages are also available.

Get cleaned out and feel amazing!

 1-702-212-4325 (HEAL)

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